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We live live music – do you?

Scoremore is always looking for outstanding people to join the team. We are a thriving organization simply because of how dedicated each member is to contributing everything that they have to offer. If you feel that your contribution could be valuable to the growth of this organization then please feel free to contact us. One of the most important characteristics of a Scoremore member is their level of dependability. We are a family, but we need to be able to rely on you to do your part. We encourage each perspective member to show us why you should be a part of the team. We do not accept everyone who applies, so ask us how you can get on board and prove yourself through use of tracking links to increase the likelihood of you getting noticed.

We work hard and we play hard. The Scoremore team meets on a regular basis so that our growth does not impede upon the feeling of community that this organization was built around. These meetings are mandatory as they serve to align tasks, discuss upcoming shows, and communicate ticket sales. Please do not apply if you feel that you cannot make these meetings.

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