Flatbush Zombies Houston Show 5/8/16


The Flatbush Zombies show in Houston was a movie. An epic tale of the living dead representing a New York City borough and their takeover of the largest city in the South. First up, Remy Banks got the crowd started, taking actual requests from the audience and finishing with a fire a capella verse. A$AP Twelvyy

kept it going with singles like “Jay Reed” and “Trips” and brought out fellow A$AP Mob member A$AP Ant aka YG Addie. The crowd turned up for the openers, but whenever the inevitable “Who’s ready to see Flatbush Zombies?” question came out, everyone in the building lost their minds. You knew the show was going to be crazy before it even began because of the reaction the crowd would have when the name “Flatbush Zombies” was mentioned or when they saw the cartoon sketches of the three zombies’ faces come up on the background screen.


The Zombies came out one at a time to perform their verses on the opening song, and by the time the last member of the group entered the stage, the crowd could barely contain themselves. And Flatbush Zombies completely delivered. Like many groups before them, Flatbush Zombies work because each member has his own unique personality. Zombie Juice showed off his distinctive high-pitched voice, his crazy triplet flows, and his pretty impressive dance moves. Erick performed “222” solo and absolutely killed it. And Meechy Darko didn’t even have to spit more than a bar for the audience to fall for him. It isn’t just his one-of-a-kind gruff vocal style; Meech grabbed the crowd and made them listen.


Every element of this show was a masterpiece. Flatbush Zombies put on a good show on their own, but it didn’t hurt that these kids knew every single word to these songs and weren’t afraid to scream them. The crowd seemed to become more and more alive with each passing song: “Bounce,” “Good Grief,” “RIP CD” and “Ascension” increased the excitement one by one. By the time they got to “Ascension” the mosh pit took over the entire venue. “Palm Trees” went off so hard that Juice didn’t even have to rap his verse; the crowd could do it for him. Meech tweeted that it was the best he’d ever seen a Houston show look, and he wasn’t exaggerating. Houston. Was. Wild.

Each member of this audience experienced moments they’ll never forget. Meech disappearing into the moshing crowd. A break between FBZ songs to jam out to Nirvana. A performance of awesome unreleased music. Maxo Kream coming out of nowhere to perform with Flatbush Zombies. And finally, the show ended with Juice standing on top of the bar on the side of the venue. He told audience members to express their love for one another. And then he warned them not to, under any circumstances, vote for Donald Trump. Seconds later, “F**k Donald Trump” appeared on the screen. The perfect ending to the perfect night. Check out more photos from the show below.

Photos by Harley Garrett