Mala Luna Music Festival Presents: Sango


Here’s a description of Sango’s music in a few words: it’s a mix of everything you love and everything you don’t know you love yet. The Seattle-born producer loves to mix your favorite 90s and 2000s hip-hop and R&B with his own creative instrumentals and… Brazilian baile funk. Sango’s Brazil-inspired Da Rocinha series has gained massive attention, most notably for the wildly popular track “Agorinha.” Since Sango’s name comes from a female character in a Japanese manga series, it shouldn’t be hard to figure out that he loves mixing in international influences. The rare ingredients he mixes together complement each other tremendously; his 229,000 SoundCloud followers can back him up on that.

Sango is no stranger to music festivals; he’s held spots at Coachella, Electric Forest, and earlier this year, Broccoli City. He’s also done countless shows with the rest of his crew from Soulection, the buzzworthy, LA-based producer and DJ collective known for its futuristic sounds, heavy SoundCloud fan base, and Beats 1 radio show.

Aside from his Da Rocinha series, Sango is known for his collaborations with artists like JMSN, Tinashe, and fellow Soulection member GoldLink. His debut album North was released in 2013 and includes the track “Middle of Things, Beautiful Wife” which features frequent collaborator Xavier Omar. He and Xavier Omar also put out a project called Hours Spent Loving You earlier this year.

What’s a Sango live show like? He spoke to Vibe earlier this year about his process.

“I have a set up and in that set up I have my main songs that I’ll play. Then, I have a side library from like literally each city, so when I go to a region I’m already prepared with what moves them.”

It will be very interesting to see what this means for a Texas show. Sango has been known to mix in Timbaland instrumentals, Outkast vocals, and even old Immature samples into his beats, so San Antonio most likely has some delightful surprises to look forward to during his set later this month.

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