Mala Luna Presents: Trill Sammy


Trill Sammy is the definition of present-day rap sensation. At 19 the Houston rapper is making a name for himself thru, you guessed it, social media. One of his boys Tweeted out a freestyle video that he didn’t even like, and it got 16K retweets overnight. Sammy has grown a relatively large fan base this way, and it continues to expand with each release.

Sammy is close to his mom, even though she first doubted his rap career. When he told her he was starting to get his name out there she thought he was joking.

Trill Sammy linked up with Dice Soho for one of his most recent releases, “No Reason”. In an interview with Fader, Sammy and Dice Soho describe the track as being about their favorite things, “partying, girls, blowing money, and going fast in foregin cars”. Peep the collab below:

Slim Jimmy (of Rae Sremmurd) is a big fan of Trill Sammy. Some have even described Trill Sammy and Dice Soho as being similar to Rae Sremmurd. Even though the two have collaborated on several tracks, Trill Sammy and Dice Soho view themselves as solo artists.