New Machinedrum Album Human Energy Out Now


The new Machinedrum album Human Energy is available now. Human Energy is the latest of Machinedrum’s (aka Travis Stewart) many projects, and he has released it just ahead of his US tour. The album is full of the Machinedrum glitch production and sampling you know and love, plus includes features from Jesse Boykins III, Melo-X, Rochelle Jordan, and more. You can stream the 15-track project on Spotify or buy it on iTunes.

Machinedrum is making his way to Texas in November. You can get tickets to those shows at the links below.

Austin, TX – 11/4
Dallas, TX – 11/5

Machinedrum – “Tell U” (Ft. Rochelle Jordan)

Machine Drum Tell You

Machinedrum’s Travis Stewart has released a new energetic radiant track titled “Tell U” ahead of his forthcoming album Human Energy, which is supposed to be released this Friday. The song features rising Canadian songstress Rochelle Jordan who adds a quick-paced but soothing element to the track. This song definitely stands out and should be included on any playlists you might be preparing for the fall!

“This track is an example of how I took a homie’s vocal that they sent me in the past and reused it in a different context, just like ‘Do It 4 U,'” Stewart said. “I took a sampling approach to Rochelle’s a-cappella and recontextualized her lyrics in the same way I would with an old 90s R&B a-cappella in some of my older tracks” — and it’s absolutely euphoria-inducing.” – MACHINEDRUM

When recording the album Human Energy, Machinedrum secluded himself for three months after proposing to his girlfriend and moving to Los Angeles. Human Energy is expected to be 15 tracks in total and Machinedrum says his album Human Energy is “healing music.”

Machinedrum will also be making two Texas stops on his upcoming fall tour:

11/4 – Austin – Grizzly Hall
11/5 – Dallas – RBC

Check out Machinedrum’s “Tell U” featuring Rochelle Jordan below!

Machinedrum on “Diplo and Friends”


On the latest episode of his show “Diplo and Friends,” Diplo brought Machinedrum into the mix. Listen to this hour of beautifully mixed EDM and Dubstep from the producer, and get your tickets to Machinedrum’s upcoming shows Nov. 4 in Austin and Nov. 5 in Dallas.

Machinedrum – “Do It 4 U” (Feat. D∆WN)


Yesterday, Machinedrum released the first single off of his upcoming album Human Energy, “Do It 4 U” (Feat. D?WN). The song is an upbeat masterpiece, and D?WN compliments it wonderfully with vocals.

Machinedrum’s upcoming album, Human Energy, is set to drop Sept. 30. Billboard describes the album as “hyperactive and busy with noise, but not overwhelming. It’s quick-paced but soothing, like a hectic splatter painting made with soft pastels.”

Machinedrum recently announced his Human Energy tour and will be making two Texas stops. You can snag tickets below:

11/04 – Austin – Grizzly Hall
11/05 – Dallas – RBC

Stream “Do It 4 U” (Feat. D?WN) below, and stay on the lookout for Human Energy.